Claus G. Smitt

I am a very passionate robotics engineer/researcher/maker, standing right at the intersection of 3D computer vision and machine learning, pushing the boundaries of robotic perception.

I handed in my Ph.D. thesis at the AgRobotics Lab (University of Bonn), focusing on 3D neural scene understanding for agricultural robots, and I am currently looking for new challenges.

Earlier I worked on Visual SLAM algorithms at iRobot for cleaning robots and at CNEA for inspection quadrotors. I received my Electrical Engineering Degree from Universidad Nacional de Rosario and my Master’s from Instituto Balseiro, both in Argentina.

When not tinkering with robots you can find me in nature climbing, slacklining, hiking, skiing and sometimes juggling.

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Selected Publications

Below are my most relevant papers. find a complete list in my extended CV.

PAg-NeRF: Towards fast and efficient end-to-end panoptic 3D representations for agricultural robotics
Claus Smitt, Michael Halstead, Patrick Zimmer, Thomas Läbe, Esra Guclu,
Cyrill Stachniss, Chris McCool
RA-L / ICRA, 2024  
project page / code / data / arXiv

PAg-NeRF is a fast and efficient 3D panoptic representation suitable for challenging agricultural scenarios.

Explicitly incorporating spatial information to recurrent networks for agriculture
Claus Smitt, Michael Halstead, Alireza Ahmadi, Chris McCool
RA-L / IROS, 2022   (Best AgRobotics Paper Award 🏅)
code / data / video / arXiv

We leverages spatial-temporal cues available in most agricultural robots to improve crop monitoring tasks.

PATHoBot: A Robot for Glasshouse Crop Phenotyping and Intervention
Claus Smitt, Michael Halstead, Tobias Zänker, Maren Bennewitz Chris McCool
ICRA, 2021
data / video / arXiv

PATHoBot is an autonomous crop surveying and intervention robot for glasshouse environments that can gather high quality data and estimate key phenotypic parameters.

Presentations & Interviews

Explicitly Incorporating Spatial Information to Recurrent Networks for Agriculture
Paper presentation
Phenorob Cluster of Excelence, Univertity of Bonn, Germany, 2023  
Faces of Phenorob
Phenorob Cluster of Excelence, Univertity of Bonn, Germany, 2022  
Robotics & Machine Learning Applied to Agriculture (in Spanish)
Research talk
Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina, 2021  

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